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No.19 Belts

Looking for a belt that does an honest day’s work and is dependable? Like you, the No.19 belt is made of good stuff, has no ego and fundamentally believes society’s unsung heroes are the farmers, the plumbers, frontline staff that quietly underpin our entire economy keeping us fed, sanitized and healthy.

When I designed this range I took inspiration from my childhood experiences. I grew up on the KZN South Coast: the son of a vegetable farmer. My Dad’s supplier number was No.19. So all his farm produce were labelled simply No. 19 on a hand-written string tag.

As a belt designer and manufacturer I get to see and wear 100s of buckles. Over 19 years the buckle we use in the No.19 range are by far my personal favourites. Comfortable, versatile and hard-wearing. I have reserved my favourites for you. I hope they serve all hard-working folk well.

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